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'From Here' by Daniel Kramb

'From Here' by Daniel Kramb

FROM HERE addresses one of the biggest challenges we face – climate change. It's a novel about the "activism" of ordinary people, and about a women's quest for love, and a place in the world.

"Mortifying, fascinating, intriguing." -- Tzeporah Berman, author of 'This Crazy Time: Living Our Environmental Challenge'

"A slow-burning, contemplative and disarming novel. Internal personal struggles set at a time of environmental crisis have never been more entertaining." -- Kit Caless, editor Influx Press

Trying to settle down after ten years spent country-hopping, the story's heroine is still adjusting to her new life. Independent-minded and strong, she's suddenly struggling with an unease she can't quite name – and a desire she hasn't felt in years.

Is she deluding herself when she believes that the attractive political assistant opposite her has the promise in his mysterious green eyes?

And where is that group of climate change "activists" leading her she has just joined? Is something that used to be 'other people, elsewhere' really becoming so personal drastic action is the only option? Is she prepared to find out?

Settling down, it seems, is becoming the most unsettling experience she's had in her life.

Here's Daniel talking to BBC World News and to NPR Radio. He wrote this for the Guardian Books blog, and this for the Point Magazine.

168 pages
15.24cm x 22.86cm
Published by the Lonely Coot in 2012